Dillon Bros. Concrete offers various types of concrete, products, and services to best fulfill your needs. With our high-level technology, we produce the highest quality concrete in and around the New Orleans area. Listed below are our concrete mixes, admixtures, and yard products, along with a brief description of each. Have any questions? Contact us.

Ready Mix Concrete

Regular Concrete
⁃ A general all purpose type concrete made of cement, coarse aggregates, fine aggregates and water.

Light Weight Concrete
⁃ Concrete that weigh less than normal concrete but is design to achieve similar compressive strengths anddurability as normal weight concrete.

Pervious Concrete
⁃ A mixture of cement, aggregates with little to no sand and water. Allows 3-8 gallons of water per minute to passthrough 15-25% voided structure each square foot.

High Performance Concrete
⁃ Concrete that is designed to exceed the performance of normal concrete in a number of different ways such asstrength, durability, hydration (Curing), density, compaction without segregation, and the ease of placement.


Water Reducer
⁃ An admixture that reduce the water cement ratio to increase concrete workability and compressive strength.

⁃ An admixture that delay the hydration of concrete (curing) without affecting its mechanical properties. Often usewhen unavoidable delays occur when placing concrete on the job site and pouring concrete in hot or windy weatherto avoid plastic or dry shrinkage cracking.

⁃ An admixture that accelerate the hydration of concrete and increase the rate of early strength. Often use whenplacing concrete in cold weather, to remove form work faster, or urgent concrete repairs.

Air Entrainment
⁃ An admixture that creates an air void system with many small stable air bubbles dispersed throughout theharden cement paste to resist freezing, thawing and scaling. This admixture can also reduce bleeding, segregation of fresh concrete, improve workability, and handling properties of the concrete.

Fiber Reinforcement
⁃ Are fibrous material that are uniformly distributed and randomly oriented throughout the concrete to increase its structural integrity. They are usually used to control plastic shrinkage cracking, dry shrinkage cracking, reduce steel reinforcement requirements, improve abrasion resistance and structural strength.

Yard Products:

⁃ Concrete Stacking Blocks – Click for Sizing & Attributes.
⁃ Concrete Bumpers – Click for Sizing & Attributes.

Other Products:

Concrete Pavingstone Systems
Wallstone Systems
Outdoor Living Solutions